Our Offerings


Integrated Services

Laxai is the place for seamless integration from target validation to candidate selection under one roof. We offer our clients a wide range of integrated drug discovery and development solutions, with core expertise founded in synthetic, medicinal and process chemistry, further augmented by preclinical services including DMPK and toxicology.

Research Informatics & In-silico Drug Discovery

Laxai in-silico team excels in drug discovery design efforts in collaboration with medicinal chemistry, structural biology, biology and DMPK teams, by conducting molecular modelling studies – pharmacophore and QSAR modelling, protein structure-based drug design, ligand-based drug design, fragment-based drug design, homology modelling, docking & scoring, chemo-informatics analysis and de novo designs. The team extensively utilizes in-house expertise in software development, chemo-curation for driving molecular designs

In-vitro biology

As part of integrated drug discovery services Laxai provides high throughput platforms for rapid screening of compounds. We provide tailor made assay development services to meet the needs of clients to aid screening campaigns.

Drug Metabolism & Pharmacokinetics

Laxai provides one stop destination for complete in vitro ADME assessment of compounds. Apart from in vitro studies we provide PK, PD and toxicological studies. Studies like RBC hemolysis assay and in vitro phospholipidosis assay also forms part of our toxicological services


Library design for Macrocyclic, Kinases, Proteases, Linkers of bioconjugation (anti-body, peptide drug-conjugates). Key intermediates synthesis. Multi-step synthesis and characterisation of target molecules. Synthesis of patent examples and reference compounds and metabolites. Custom synthesis of macrocyclics, reference standards & Impurity synthesis. Process development and cGMP manufacturing.


At Laxai, we offer a range of Analytical Solutions supported by state of the art facilities and efficient analytical team.

API and Scale-up

Laxai offers entire services for API and intermediates development including Lab assessment, Process optimization, Scale-up, API synthesis, API commercial Manufacturing. Laxai’s state-of-the-art facilities including Analytical facility helps us to handle complex API’s and Intermediates and highly potent materials at both developmental and commercial scale to cater excellent quality services to our clients. Laxai’s competent and experienced API team with global experience capable to deliver the projects at agreed timelines to meet client expectations with unparalleled quality and cost.

Large molecule therapeutics

Laxai Life Sciences has successfully created a portfolio of biosimilars based on its proprietary platform technology. Laxai technology is based on novel vector designing and cell line development which can significantly lead to higher yields of product. Currently, Trastuzumab, Bevacizumab, Adalimumab and Filgrastim are in adavanced stage of development. Furthermore, Laxai plans to increase its spectrum of biosimilars in the area of oncology and auto-immune disorder.