Drug Metabolism & Pharmacokinetics


One stop destination for complete in vitro ADME

Laxai provides one stop destination for complete in vitro ADME assessment of compounds. We provide our clients the following services:

  • Physicochemical studies- aqueous solubility, pH stability, lipophilicity (Log D) and Log P
  • Plasma Stability in human rat and mouse
  • Cell permeability (PAMPA, MDCK II, MDR1-MDCK, Caco-2)
  • Metabolic Stability – microsomes & hepatocytes
  • Metabolite identification
  • Plasma protein binding
  • Drug-Drug interaction
  • Complete CYP profiling

Apart from in vitro studies we provide PK, PD and toxicological studies. Studies like RBC hemolysis assay and in vitro phospholipidosis assay also forms part of our toxicological services.